VE2 is focused on durable designs...

based on quality, honesty and the designs ability to create aesthetic and functional value for the user.

VE2 is primarily working in the field between product- and interior design.
The design process often benefits from the fact that products always should be perceived in the context of an interior - as space and interior always will be influenced by the objects within.

As the name VE2 (“veto”) implies, all work is based on the right to voice your opinion - strong opinions from both designers and clients, are always honoured.

Revealing Potential...
To reveal a clients potential is always the initial ambition and the basis of any design process at VE2. Bringing potential to life through design and an openminded working relationship is a key value at VE2 - this has been a gamechanger for many clients through the years.

VE2 was founded in 2007. With two decades of experience and a common design education from The School of Architecture in Aarhus, designers Hugo Dines Schmidt og Morten Lauritzen are joined by their diverse competences. The goal is to run a small and agile design studio with focus on creativity, dialogue and close relations to the clients.



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Nørre Allé 13 - baghuset
DK · 8000 Aarhus C

tlf:+45 24 48 00 00

Hugo Dines Schmidt


+45 20 98 50 34

Morten Lauritzen


+45 28 73 08 70